See How Actress Naila Shah Is In Miserable Condition Both Physically And Emotionally

Life puts you through weird circumstances, some stories that happened right in front of our eyes sends chills down the spine.

Today, see how this epitome of beauty and grace of past looks nothing more than a beggar today. Meet Naila Shah. We are sure none of you would be able to recognize her. In her twenties, she started her career as a model, who graced Pakistani cinema. However, not for very long.

After the death of her husband, she remarried but in fact, she, unfortunately, got in an abusive marriage, that left her both physically and emotionally wounded. She decided to call it quits, and sought refuge at her sister’s place. But life didn’t treat her kindly there as well.

Her sister and brother in law continued the abuse, perhaps in an even worse way.

Reason? For her property. She was attacked with acid, burnt with irons and beaten brutally by her second husband, who happens to belong to a reputed family of Multan.

Not just him, her own blood relations did the same to her as well.

The woman who met her and documented her story in a video says that she is so hurt to see her. She says that it is hard to put into words what she is feeling, and so do we.

This is a horrifying story of domestic abuse, a brutal face of our blood relations and above all, reflects our insensitivity as a nation. It is not the first case of how we completely forgot the celebrities who served us and entertained us for years.

Maybe, it is time to change that. Reportedly, Naila is also suffering from high sugar and white blood cells are dying. We request everyone to try to help her out, in individual capacity to fulfil her responsibility we have towards humanity and our unsung forgotten heroes.

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