See How This Cafe Is ‘Facilitating’ Students Who Failed This Year For The Sake Of Marketing

We have seen a whirl of weird marketing campaigns especially in 2017. As we live in the time of the Internet, marketing entirely depends on how creatively and attractively you can put forth your product on social media platforms. This cafe tried to do the same, but is it a right way to do it? We leave it to you to decide!

Cafe la Downtown in Lahore is offering 50% discount to the students who failed their exam this year. The offer is valid until 20th November 2017. The cafe asks you to bring your transcript with you, show them that you got an F grade and avail flat 50% off on the meals.
Their marketing strategy was enjoyed and appreciated by the young people for the sake of sharing a laugh. They were tagging their friends and appreciating the cafe for coming up with this idea.

However, people also criticized it as they are encouraging F grades just for the sake of marketing. There are no second opinions about it, it not only provides the young students to rejoice and enjoy scoring an ‘F’ grade but also it is quite insulting for the educational and academic values.

After receiving criticism (though not many people did it), Cafe la Downtown responded to them in a separate post saying not to freak out if your GPA is 4.0 as grades are important but not in today’s world.

Considering both perspectives based on their recent response, we definitely do need to encourage our students to think out of the box and have an approach beyond just grades. But encouraging students who have failed in their academics and making it seem like it is absolutely worthless, how rewarding and productive is it? However, nonetheless, brands really need to put a filter on their marketing campaigns and consider how they are impacting the masses with it.

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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