See How Consuming Only Two Cans Of Fizzy Drinks Per Week Raise The Risk Of Diabetes

Fizzy drinks are a staple in our family dinners. Not just gathering and specific events, they have slowly become an everyday habit as they are the easiest and preferred option for youngsters to grab in their lunch breaks as well. Even kids younger than 5 years are hooked on it and throw tantrums if you refuse them. Just like it has eaten away our physical wellbeing, the high amount of aspartame has negative effects on mental wellbeing as well.

The new studies have shown even daunting results. According to them, drinking two cans of soda per week increase the risk of type-2 diabetes, high blood pressure and heart stroke to a significant extent.
They have also been declared ‘energy dense’ which means they are loaded with extra calories and sugar content hence being a prime cause of obesity.

According to a study carried out in South Africa by experts at Stellenbosch University, excessive intake of carbonated drinks are also a cause of hypertension and metabolic syndrome.
The results were deduced after a group of people consuming fizzy drinks five times a week were analyzed.
Another common problem that people worldwide and almost every second person in Pakistan is suffering from is high blood pressure. The studies also revealed that people who are consuming these drinks twice or more per week suffer from high blood pressure as well.

There is a common saying that Ask yourself! You give water to your plants but Cola to your children? Why?
We need to aware people to put an end to this norm and reduce, if not eliminate, the consumption. Tag your friends and save them too!

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