See How This Faculty Member Was Stopped From Entering University Because Of ‘Inappropriate’ Dressing

Universities forcing dress codes on their students has been a topic of the town for a while now. What begins back 2013, when one of Pakistan’s top universities NUST imposed a dress code on their business school students. Criticism and reaction against it compelled the university to soften their policies. However recently, one of the finest business institute of Pakistan, IoBM Karachi did the same. The ban somehow is tolerable and understandable, unless it gives the power to the responsible individuals to authoritatively comment on someone’s clothing, especially if they belong to the opposite gender.

The issue came to everyone’s attention when a visiting faculty at IoBM took to social media to recall her unpleasant encounter at the college following the dress code. She said that she was rudely stopped by the Security Head of the university, saying that she was ‘unapropriately’ dressed.
Not only is this very offensive for a senior faculty member, but also someone from the opposite gender commenting on you, telling that you are not wearing ‘appropriate’ clothes is very disrespectful.

Following this incident, journalist Rahma M Mian also recalled her somewhat irksome encounter with the former president of the institute. She said that the former president after seeing her asked the most absurd question, that if she belongs to a Muslim background. Upon saying that she does, the president said that this is ‘no way’ for a Muslim woman to dress and she should respect the Holy Month of Ramadan.

Now we do understand that every institution has their own set limits and boundary lines. But labeling someone straight off as a non-Muslim or appropriately dressed is not only very discourteous but also defeats the main purpose of education  i.e teaching tolerance and acceptability.

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