See How This Fake “ISSB Preparation” App Is Stealing Data Of Youth Aspirants Of Joining Army

Technology has made our life easier in general. Rewinding the time about ten years back, did any of us even imagine the luxuries we are enjoying today?

Seems like everything is like a touch away in the digital world. From shopping to keeping fitness track to even preparing for tests and exams, you can do it by just moving your thumb. But at the same time, we can’t look over the risk it puts us on. Downloading an application means giving access to the publishers to analyze and track your activity and abusing the personal information.

This Video Helps Understand How It Works:

A case of similar nature has come to notice recently. There is an app present on the Google Play Store with the name of ‘ISSB Preparation’, which is not only unauthentic but is also stealing the personal information of its users.
Such tactics have previously been used by the enemies to gain access to confidential information as well.

If you are unaware, ISSB stands for Inter-Services Selection Board, which is basically a test or selection criteria if you want to join Pakistan Army.

The ‘malware’ is developed by Ork Developers and has already been installed over 5000 times. The fake app was allegedly exposed by a Facebook page, “Pakistan Defence”, which has a huge following and has close links with Pakistan Army.

With the increased user base and more people getting attracted by the magnetism of digital world, we must not overlook the jeopardy and endangerment it is putting us into. It is advisable to be extra vigilant especially when downloading an application, thoroughly read the terms and conditions and above all, be extremely circumspect while giving access to any personal information.

What are your thoughts on this and how can we overcome the issue? Let us know in the comments bar below.

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