See What Imran ‘Yahoodi’ Khan Has Done So Far To Encourage Islamic Practices In KPK

Imran Khan has met criticism from his political rivals and as part of the process, have been attacked by some low accusations as well.  One of the common ones we have come across is ‘Yahoodi Agent’, often called by Maulana Fazul ur Rehman, declaring him anti-Islamic or having a more westernized way of government.

But the reality shows a story otherwise. KPK government has adopted policies that show a remarkable picture of social inclusion, considering each and every segment of the society in their change process. A Twitter user Sufyan Iqbal jotted down what KPK government has done to encourage Islamic laws within the province.

Here is what KPK government has done so far:

Interest-Free Business Sphere:


On the route to social and economic development aligned with Islamic principles, KPK introduced interest-free business. Not just that, interest-free loans scheme was also introduced to eradicate the barrier as effectively as possible. Anyone violating the law must meet serious penalties, including a jail-time up to five years and a fine of 5 lac.

Making Quranic Education Compulsory In Schools:


To help young students establish an effective connection between religious studies and modern studies, Islamic education was made compulsory in public and private education institutes. It made the young lot understand the religion through a more practical procedure.

Making Efforts Of Amalgamating Madrassa Culture And Mainstream Education:

To make it possible, a financial aid was announced for Dar ul Uloom Haqqania, to be utilized in an effective way. It was done to redirect the educational techniques by the introduction of teacher’s training, science laboratories, technological assistance and foreign scholarships.

Banning Dowry:

What has deeply drenched in Pakistani society is the dowry culture, which religion has strictly denounced. To have a positive social impact, a ban on dowry was imposed in KPK restricting the total spending so this religiously as well as socially important event can be free of financial burden.

Equipping Mosques With Facilities:

Solar energy was introduced with solar panels being installed in mosques across the province. With this facilitation, Imaams of the mosques were declared a monthly 10,000 stipend to encourage more rational approach towards religious activities.

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