See The List Of People Pakistan Googled The Most In Year 2017 Here

2017 was definitely the year of happenings and events. This year we saw social media at its finest, which mean the formation of trends was quite frequent.
At the end of the year, Google trends provide us an opportunity to have a look at the year and see what the world searched the most over all and also country wise.
As now you already know what this is all about, you must be curious to see what Pakistan searched for the most in 2017.  Here is the list of most searched personalities of 2017:

1) Fabiha Sherazi:

You all must be knowing her by now – and if you don’t, you really don’t watch Ramzan game shows at all. Fabiha Sherazi is had Mustafa’s set assistant on his extremely famous game show, Jeeto Pakistan. Fabiha made quite the buzz due to her looks and hence, here she is, making to the list of most searched people in Pakistan.

2) Nadeem Sarwar:

Having a great following and popularity, Noha Khuwan Nadeem Sarwar also is on the list of most searched people. He has a huge and diverse fanbase, as along with marsiyas and nohas in traditional languages Urdu and Punjabi, he is known for delivering in Persian and English as well.

3) Fakhar Zaman:

Pakistan definitely found a new cricket hero in the form of Fakhar Zaman in 2017. With his impeccable performance in times of pressure, Fakhar has received well-deserved love and appreciation from people throughout.

4) Rishi Kapoor:

Indian actor has been pretty famous in Pakistan (not in a very good way though) after his extreme remarks pre ICC Champions Trophy. He took India vs Pakistan a little too personally, which we all are guilty of doing. He makes to the list as well, and of course, we all expected it.

5) Rida Isfahani:

Pakistani actress made the headlines for her qualitative acting skills – but what made her the most searched person is that her scandal broke soon after. Well as they say, in showbiz, no one’s safe. You never know what’s coming your way next.

Here is the list of other things Pakistan’s searched:


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