See How This PIA Pilot Played The Heroic Role And Saved Passengers’ Lives


PIA has been under criticism for their deteriorating organizational structure but amidst that, we need to make sure that heroes like Captain Amjed Mehboob don’t go uncelebrated.

You might have come across the video on Facebook where the passengers are showing their gratitude and appreciation for this brave captain for putting their safety as the first priority instead of his own. If you haven’t, here it is:

People were applauding, actually hugging him and thanking him for depicting professionalism and taking the right decision on time. However, Captain Amjed thanked them with extremely humble words. He thanked Almighty Allah for helping them and said that he had nothing in his hands if Allah didn’t want it.
He said that if the situation got worse, he would’ve been incapacitated as well. If they are safe, it is because of Allah. Humans just like to push it because of their ego, but in reality, they are just incapable.

Capt Amjed spoke to Geo TV and gave an overview of the situation. He told that the journey from Karachi to Sukkur was approx 350 km, to be covered in 60 to 70 minutes. Everything in the weather radar was fine and perfectly clear. However, the scenario changed within seconds.


Captain realized that in such condition, even an attempt to land can potentially do more bad than good. So he thought strategically and decided to turn around.

“I took Juliet 112 and we took the route to [waypoint] Zohar and climbed to 12,000 feet, luckily we found clear skies” – Captain Amjed

This decision was exactly what was needed. PK536 was out of danger now and heading back to Karachi, safely. Captain Amjed said that Allah Almighty put it in his heart otherwise it was just a routine flight. Their professionalism made them a hero, and well they deserve an applaud for depicting this sensible conduct under pressure.

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