See How This Private School Harassed Kids To Accept Unlawful Fee Vouchers

Pakistan’s education sector is extremely appalling and deplorable due to what it is offering. Needless to say, the study techniques and structure being followed there is far below the international standards.
The only hope in such environment to prepare kids for the outside world seemed to be the private schooling system.
However, apart from the heavy fee, are they actually fulfilling the purpose?

The recent events seem to show some contrary results. Parents taking to social media to talk about their children being physically beaten inside the premises of schools, absurdly high admission fee for kindergarten and allegedly blaming the shool’s staff for the child’s death clearly reflects the level of unsatisfaction that exists.

But now, it looks like they have started to take a stand against the unjust treatment from the school administration.
Beacon House Johar Town Campus harassed the kids, that can potentially impact their vulnerable young minds to force the parents into paying the illegal fee vouchers. They took the kids out of their classes, locked them in the library and then called their parents to come and pick them up.

This incident was reported by Parents Action Committee For Private Schools, which provides a platform for parents to talk about their reservations.

This brutal act was taken to pressure parents to submit to illegal fee increment. However, parents stood for themselves and completely refused to pay it as it is unjustified and moreover illegal. They said to issue new fee vouchers in accordance with the government laws or they will turn to the court.
Mr. Manan Asim, realizing his responsibility as a parent and a citizen, took straight to the Chief Education Officer for complaint.

Ths exposes what lies inside these acclaimed quality education centers. We appreciate the parents who decided to raise voice against this injustice that all of us has bowed down to for years. We must take on-time action to stop these Elite schools form turning into profit companies.

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