See How These Professors Asked For Student’s Phone Number In Exchange Of Good Grades

It is evident that workplaces have failed to ensure ethics and protect employees against harassment, but it’s unfortunate that educational institutes aren’t safe from this curse as well. As per our religious teachings and world’s standards, teaching is probably the most respectable profession. It has been called sacred and vocation of Prophets in Islam.  But some of these mentors cant hold themselves from letting their lust mingle in the decorum of their profession.

A recent case that occurred at Sindh University Jamshoro perfectly depicts the crippling moral structure of our universities. A student who was brave enough to speak in front of the world told Samaa TV that her professor demanded her phone number in exchange for good grades. Not only does this raise questions about the moral standing of these educators but also upheaves doubts related to the grading system.

The student further told that she is not the only victim and other professors have been making similar demands from other students as a trade-off for good results. She said that they went to the Vice Chancellor and reported about the incident but no action was taken and they tried to silence the matter.
This reflects how strong and united these teachers associations are and how seriously such sensitive matters are taken.
Not only is this an eyeopener for all of us but it also presses the need of proper concerning departments to deal with these issues. Not just harassment, we need to keep a close check on how the students are being graded and what other factors are influencing them.

Video: Student speaks out against harassment by Sindh University teachers

God knows how many of these incidents are swept under the carpet just because women are scared of being judged. Kudos to these students who took a stand against it and exposed this crucial issue. We hope that they get justice and this serves as an example to people.

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