See How Shahrukh Khan Responds To The Journalist Who Keeps Calling Him Salman Khan

Bollywood without Khans is like a night sky without stars. You guessed it right, it doesn’t really exist. Where the Indian film industry stands today owes a lot to the Khan’s clan. And above all, Shahrukh Khan.
Called King Khan or the King Of Bollywood, if we say that Shahrukh Khan is the forever face of  Bollywood, it actually stands true!
His acting skills and personality as a whole are matchless. But do you know what else is he good at!? THE SASS!
We have seen him many times giving witty and hilarious reactions in the situations where we expect him to potentially get offended.
Something similar happened here too! Shahrukh was present at an opening event of TED Talk India, where in the end he initiated a questions and answers session with the present journalists.

One of the journalists mistakenly called Shahrukh Khan as Salman Khan. Well, not once, in fact thrice. Where you expect a big name like him to get offended and confused in such situation, he truly handled like a boss! Not just the audience, the journalist enjoyed his hilarious response as well.

Watch what happened here:

Of course, how can you expect any less form a king?

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