See The Signs That Mean Your Kid Is Being Bullied But Is Scared To Talk About It

The video of a bus conductor viciously beating the special needs children has circulated around on social media, making everyone furious. However, it still has opened our eyes to the fact that there may be many ways in which kids can be subjected to abuse and bullying.

Not all kids are open about it and find the courage to talk but these innocent souls will always show some behavioral signs which might indicate in the direction. You can notice these minor signs and try to communicate with them to dig out if something is wrong.

Remember, bullying and abuse of any sort can have a lasting impact on them so you need to be very careful. Here are few of the signs:

1) Physical Marks:

Mostly these physical marks and bruises are mistaken that they might have received them during play time, but when you notice that your kid is trying to suspiciously hide them and is having them often, that is where you should be worrying. This can be a clear sign that he/she is subjected to physical abuse and are too scared to talk about it.

2) The Friend Group Is Not The Same:

Mostly at a younger age, bullying can come from the close friends. It can start by simply segregating him from the group. Changed behavior of his own friends can make him think he is not enough and propagate self-doubt in his mind. If you see your kid is no more talking about or hanging out with his usual group of friends, ask them the reason and do your research.

3) Being More Clingy Than Usual:

Kids usually love to get all the love and attention from their parents. But when you notice that your kid is being extra clingy and especially scared to stay alone, this can be a warning sign. This unusual change in behavior can be a red alert that your child feels insecure and something is bothering them outside the house or in your absence.

4) Your Child Mysteriously Losing His Stuff:

This can be stationary bits, money or lunch, but if your kid is losing his belongings you need to take notice. Usually bullying at school level happens to pressurize the child to give his stuff away. Do talk about how they lost it and especially if it becomes a regular pattern, report to school administration.

5) Afraid To Ride The Bus:

Now this one is important as it has relevance with the recent event that inspired this article as well. If your goes to school on a bus and unusually insists you to drop them off, there might be something wrong. Kids are fragile and sensitive so any abuse or bullying can affect them to an extent that they feel scared even talking about it. Don’t let this sign go unnoticed.

6) Role Reverse:

If you suddenly notice your child being aggressive and bullying younger siblings, this can suggest that he himself is or has been suffering through it too. This reverse role is the reaction a child shows to let his feelings out when he has the authority or in the favorable environment.

We hope you found this article helpful. What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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