See How The Use Of Plastic Bottles Can Be A Leading Cause Of Mental Disorders In Children

Punjab Food Authority (PFA) takes another step ahead as they are now on their way to imposing a ban on baby milk bottles manufactured by polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate is a genre of plastic that is a prime manufacturing material in bottles of milk that are consumed by infants. According to the recent studies, Polycarbonate has a chemical called Bisphenol A (BPA), which is one of the contributing causes of cancer and mental disorders in children.

All the developed countries have already put a ban on it and only suggest the used of BPA free plastic bottles. Now, this is being implemented in Pakistan as well.

Only plastic bottles manufactured using Polypropylene (PP) are being encouraged to use. Parents are suggested to look for the BPA free sign on the bottle before purchasing. What sets Polypropylene apart from Polycarbonate is that PP has chemical inertness properties and also acts as a steam barrier that protects the food. Its best advised to use glass bottles instead, but if you are traveling and need something sturdy or for any other reasons have to opt out for a plastic bottle, choose the one that is BPA free to save your baby’s health.

PFA is also planning a permanent ban on the use of Polycarbonate to secure as many lives as possible.

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