Reforming Healthcare: Sehat Insaf Card to benefit more than 3 million people

Buzdar said that this health program will help address the problems of the masses.


Provincial Minister for Health Yasmin Rashid met Chief Minister Punjab Usman Buzdar to discuss the health initiatives taken by the government, like the ‘Sehat Insaf Card’ Programme.

Admiring the efforts of the incumbent government, the CM said the Sehat Insaf Card was an impressive initiative and more than 30 million people will benefit from it.

“The past government only created hurdles for the masses but the Sehat Insaf Card program under the PTI government was a step towards fulfilling the party’s vision of serving the masses,” he said.

Buzdar further added that this health program will help address the problems of the masses.
He asked the provincial health minister to ensure that better health facilities are being provided to the masses. He further directed to construct one-window welfare counters at the E-help centers.

In December of 2019, the government expanded the health insurance scheme, ‘Sehat Insaf Cards’ to other parts of Pakistan. The government has successfully issued the Sehat Insaf Cards in the newly-merged tribal areas, where citizens are using computerized national identity cards (CNICs) to avail free healthcare facilities.

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