Senate Committee For Finance Unanimously Approves ‘Maternity and Paternity Leave Bill 2019’

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Senate committee for finance has unanimously approved the ‘maternity and paternity leave bill 2019’ for the employees of public and private establishments.

The meeting of the Senate committee for finance was held under the chair of Senator Farooq H. Naek in the parliament house. During the meeting, Senator Qurat ul Ann Marri presented the bill that was unanimously approved by the members of the standing committee.

Following the approval of this bill, female employees will be granted a paid leave for 180 days upon the birth of their first child. These paid leaves will be reduced to 120 and 90 days upon the birth of second and third child respectively.

This facility can be availed thrice during the service.

Furthermore, a male employee will also be granted a fully paid leave for a month during his wife’s pregnancy. Just as the female employees, the male employees can also have the paternity leave for three times during their service.

Moreover, the head and executive officers of organizations will have to go to jail and pay a heavy fine in case they are found violating this bill. This bill will be equally applicable to the permanent and contract employees of Ministries, divisions, executive departments, public and private organizations, firms, corporations, corporate sectors, enterprises, factories, and others.

To ensure the implementation of this new law, the senate committee for finance directed the federal government to make rules and regulations as soon as possible.

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