Senator Krishna Kumari Named Among ‘BBC’s 100 Most Influential Women For 2018’

In a proud moment for Pakistan, Senator Krishna Kumari Kohli has been named among BBC’s 100 Most Influential and Inspiring Women for the year 2018.

Representative of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP), Krishna is the second Hindu woman to step into Senate, while she is the second Hindu ‘Dalit’ women to have this honour. Dalit is regarded as the Hindu’s lowest caste, considered as untouchables by the middle-class and elite.

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Krishna was nominated to step into the Senate after her long struggle for women rights and being a voice for the suppressed. She was previously caught up in bonded labour herself and fought her way up.

“Krishna was elected to the Pakistan Senate after campaigning for women’s rights, having previously been forced into bonded labour for three years” – read BBC’s website.

The list also includes USA presidential candidate Hilary Clinton’s daughter Chelsea Clinton. Chelsea is recognized for her work with the Clinton Foundation, helping build next generation of leaders through a number of unconventional initiatives.
Nujeen Mustafa, a Syrian war survivor who escaped the war-torn country on wheel-chair. Ever since escaping, she has worked tirelessly for the well-being of the refugees and spoken for disabled war victims particularly, has also made to the list.

The first 20 women on the list are Abisoye Ajayi-Akinfolarin, Esraa al-Shafei, Svetlana Alekseeva, Lizt Alfonso, Nimco Ali, Isabel Allende, Boushra Yahya Almutawakel, Alina Anisimova, Frances Arnold, Uma Devi Badi, Judith Balcazar, Cindy Arlette Contreras Bautista, Leyla Belyalova, Analia Bortz, Fealofani Bruun, Raneen Bukhari, Joy Buolamwini, Joy Buolamwini, Tamara Cheremnova and Chelsea Clinton.

The news agency will continue to interview these incredible women and will publish their unconventional stories to inspire the world.

Via: Express Tribune

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