“Big players of black economy are desperate due to economic reforms”, Kamran Khan on Recent Upheaval

Senior journalist Kamran in a video uploaded on his official Facebook page explained the reasons behind the recent upheaval in the country.

Kamran Khan termed the steps taken by the current government for the betterment of the economy as very historic. The senior journalist credited Financial Action Task Force (FATF) for making all these economic reforms happen. He added that Pakistan was unable to take all the steps towards economic reforms as per the demands of FATF in the past.

Kamran Khan added that Pakistan is making all efforts to put an end to money laundering. He went on to add that smuggling and cash economy is being stopped at all costs. He also said thay the world is closely looking at the steps being taken to curb money laundering.

Kamran Khan also pointed out the government’s monitoring of the funding of Madrassas following strict instructions by FATF. He said that this situation has shattered the underworld economy worth billions of rupees. The renowned TV anchor further said that the current upheaval in the country is a reaction against these strict measures by the government.

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پاکستان میں افراتفری کی کوشش!وجہ کیا؟ پیچھے کون؟#KKsTake

Posted by Kamran Khan on Monday, November 4, 2019


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  • Finally the correct medicine is being administered to the spoiled brats. We need these changes in order to become a strong economy.

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