Sensitive Content | Mob brutally kills a raptor in Punjab while the spectators enjoy

In a recent video, shared by a Wildlife organization, named ‘Save the Wild’, a raptor was seen being subjected to extreme torture.

Wildlife plays a vital role in the biological and ecological processes that are important to life. Many global and local organizations have been working fervently to protect wildlife in Pakistan. However, there are some people in the country who mercilessly torture animals.

Extreme Torture 

In a recent video, shared by a Wildlife organization, named ‘Save the Wild’, a raptor was seen being subjected to extreme torture.

A twitter post by the organization stated, “Extreme Animal Cruelty, Pakistan’s pigeon fancier’s community continues in its mission to eliminate the country’s raptors. In the latest video to emerge from Punjab, the bird is being subjected to extreme torture.”


The organization also urged people to help locate the men involved in the incident. It said, “We do not have the exact location, but if the video is spread amongst staff and the public in every district, locating them shouldn’t be difficult. We request everyone to kindly share this thread, in the hope somebody somewhere knows these men and will come forward.”

This is not the first incident of wildlife cruelty in the country. Last week, a man along with his friends, had slaughtered hundreds of sparrows in Dera Ismail Khan. They shamelessly posed in front of the dead sparrows and shared images on their social media accounts.

After a social media uproar, the man who killed the sparrows was arrested and fined Rs 1.15k.

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  • Immature, uneducated. Scumbag. This is what our people have become. Unless we brutally implement the law to implement animal protection this will lead to extinction.

    School need to teach this before teaching alphabet

    • Maturity and education doesn’t count here scumbags i agree its all about brought up and society u prefer to live with or around

  • And we pakistani call our self islam last castle. These people not even human islam is far far away from pakistani awam mostly not all. They share video of dead people kill wild life. Shame on all of us.

  • Why the hell have they done that what bad might had an animal done to them, idiots rather than taking a video they should have been stopped

  • Astagfirullah, Jahalat hai ye, Khauf e Khuda khatam ho chuka hai iss qaum se.
    Yeh sub karo gey, tou Allah ka Azaab q na aye

  • When in fun you can torture and kill animals then in anger you would do same with humans. We. Need to get rid of this filth. Through education, training and very strict punishment and publicized punishments

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