Sensitive Video Content : Prisoner Lost His Life Because Jail Doctor Refused Medical Assistance Without Bribery

State of prisoner rights is a dilemma in Pakistan itself. With being basic rights and extremely inhumane living conditions, they also are denied the right to proper medical treatment and immense exploitation in this regard.

While they are treated as discards of the society, it must be kept in mind that prisons schools and should turn individuals into useful members of the society rather than ripping them off every ounce of strength, incapacitating them to integrate into the society again.

”Unfortunately, our prisons system is singularly designed to punish, deter and incapacitate, without duly recognising the mental health and psychological support needs of inmates. It is essential to understand that people are sent to prison as punishment, not for punishment, and that humane treatment should be indispensable in any prison environment.”

– wrote Asma Humayun, in her article for Dawn News. 


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He was having severe pain in his gallbladder and needed urgent operation. But the jail doctor delayed the treatment and said that he will only shift him to another hospital if the family pays a bribe of Rs 6000.

The poor family arranged an amount of 5000 within one week and the patient was shifted to Attock Hospital. He was then referred to Holy Family, but his gallbladder has already ruptured due to inflammation. The doctor in Holy Family, as claimed by the video, said that the patient could have been saved if he would have arrived two days earlier but nothing can be done now as the bladder had already ruptured. Helpless Humayun died one hour later.

It is horrifying to see that one hand, proven criminals enjoy a lavish lifestyle due to their political backing while people like Humayun, just die, begging for help.

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