Setting a new precedent, Karachi madrassa offers business management course for its students

Hira Institute of Emerging Science (HIES) Darul Uloom Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) is launching one-year Diploma in Business Management – (Photo Courtesy – HIES)



  • This one-year diploma in business management will help prepare the students for the corporate sector.
  • Result-oriented teaching of modern subjects will also encourage other seminaries to follow the example and effectively amalgamate mainstream education and religious knowledge, the experts say.

A rather refreshing development, in a first, Karachi’s madrassa is offering business management course to its students to incorporate corporate skills in them. A leading religious seminary, Hira Institute of Emerging Science (HIES) Darul Uloom Karachi, is offering one-year diploma in business management for graduates and final-year students of seminaries. It will serve as an example for other religious madrassas to also introduce modern education and bring the students in the education stream.

“Hira Institute of Emerging Science (HIES) Darul Uloom Karachi in collaboration with Pakistan Institute of Management (PIM) is launching one-year Diploma in Business Management” – Adeel Zeerak, PIM official said while speaking to an international reporting source

He told the said source that PIM also wishes to take more seminaries into confidence in future to introduce the clergymen to modern knowledge and increase “their employability in the corporate sector and to train them to become entrepreneurs”.

“There were many fields identified during the designing of this diploma, where such Ulema [religious scholars] can contribute in the business world” – the official said, further adding ”that lack of required modern education” is the prime motivation for them behind designing this course.

“So initially we have identified the areas where the madrasah students after getting proper education may excel. They can either have their own start-ups or may find jobs in other sectors.” – he added. 

PIM will have its own faculty teach the course so that the experts can impart the knowledge effectively. It will train them in content creation, digital marketing, entrepreneurship, retail operations, tooling and machining, office supplies, spare parts and livestock. The official said that after being equipped with this knowledge, they will be able to find jobs in Corporate Sharia advisory position, sales and marketing including telesales, administration and HR departments, accounts department, purchasing and contract management, call centres, front desk and customer service, and supply chain functions like warehousing, and distribution and transportation.

The course will officially start in the upcoming Ramzan. The in-charge of the course is Dr Muhammad Imran Usmani, son of Mufti Taqi Usmani. There are about 37,000 Islamic seminaries in Pakistan which accommodate over four million students. Among them, 30,000 madaris are registered with all five madrassa boards. Darul Uloom Karachi, although one of the most significant names with thousands of enrollments, is only one among them.

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