7 times pictures of Pakistani celebrities were severely criticized by the audience recently!

These media personalities often come under fire for being part of bold and controversial photoshoots.

Pakistani celebrities are used to dealing with the constant media spotlight and paparazzi. This explains why they always dress up, whether at home or outside, and keep themselves composed in public places. However, no matter how much they try, Pakistani celebrities willingly or unwillingly end up being captured by the camera lens in a way that is unacceptable to society.

These media personalities often come under fire for being part of bold and controversial photoshoots; other times, they have been highly criticized for doing something against societal principles and values.

Here are the seven most criticized pictures of Pakistani celebrities in recent years:

1. Anzela Abbasi’s Birthday Bash

Javeria Abbasi and Shamoon Abbasi’s daughter Anzela Abbasi has been living abroad for many years, because of which her dressing sense is westernized. Anzela is another celebrity who does not care about what people say about her dressing and wears whatever she is comfortable in. However, every time she posts pictures online, she attracts severe backlash from the Pakistani audience.

2. Anmol Baloch in Black Saree

Anmol Baloch has been criticized numerous times for her clothing choice and provocative poses and expressions. However, she does not care about the criticism and continues posting pictures in such outfits. People recently criticized Anmol for wearing a black saree with a revealing blouse to attract unnecessary attention.

3. Hira Mani’s Nike Top with Saree


Actress Hira Mani is fond of wearing sarees and experimenting with different saree styles. This time around, the actress wore a not-so-traditional saree with a Nike top. She shared that the blouse did not fit her; therefore, she wore the top with it. The public seriously disapproved of Hira Mani’s strange fashion sense.

4. Feroze Khan Behind the Camera

Lately, Feroze Khan has been getting more criticism for his limited and annoying acting skills than any other actor. The viewers are sick and tired of watching him play the same roles that offer nothing new or exciting. Even in the middle of all this criticism, Feroze Khan had the confidence to share a picture of him behind the camera with the caption “I trust no one with my shot.” This statement attracted more hate than love as people advised the actor to concentrate on his acting instead of his attitude.

5. Ahad Raza Mir attending a Wedding with Family

These pictures surfaced when Saboor Aly was getting married. Everyone wondered why Ahad Raza Mir was absent from Saboor’s wedding. When these pictures were uploaded, people understood that Ahad Raza Mir prioritized attending his family’s wedding instead of his wife’s sister’s wedding. The audience severely criticized the actor for his decisions, but Ahad Raza Mir ignored all comments.

6. Hareem Farooq’s Ramp Outfit

Hareem Farooq walked the ramp for a famous Dubai-based designer who is the brain behind the label, Amato Couture. Hareem took to Instagram to share that this was a fantastic opportunity as she got a chance to represent Pakistan on an international platform of such a magnitude. However, Hareem’s ramp walk became the talk of the town for all the wrong reasons. The dress worn by the actress clearly did not suit her body type. Most people blamed the designer for choosing Hareem to wear a dress not meant for her body type.

7. Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed’s Honeymoon

Hiba Bukhari and Arez Ahmed surprised the public when they announced their wedding. However, when their honeymoon pictures were shared on various social media platforms, they were criticized. The couple went to Sri Lanka for their honeymoon and wore traditional Sri Lankan dresses in the pictures. People criticized everything from their choice of destination to the outfits they wore severely.

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