FASCINATING: Spanish city Seville will create electricity from rotten oranges [VIDEO]

The city's municipal water company EMASESA has been piloting a project to generate energy from leftover oranges.

The Spanish city named Seville, famed for its oranges, is now using the fruit to generate electricity.

The city’s municipal water company called EMASESA has been piloting a project to generate energy from leftover oranges.

EMASESA aims to extract orange juice to form biogas by collecting oranges fallen and discarded on public roads. 


The city collects 5.7 million kilos of the fruit deposited on the streets by the city’s 48,000 trees in winter and uses 35 tons to generate clean energy. 

The 35 tons then go through a juice extraction process for the generation of electric energy through biogas. However, the peel is composted to become fertilizer used in cultivation. 

The plant is expected to produce about 1,500 kWh, equivalent to the consumption of 150 homes. 

Trials have shown that 1,000 kg will create 50 kWh to provide electricity to five homes for one day. If all the city’s oranges were recycled and the energy put back into the grid, more than 70,000 homes could be powered.


The city produces about 15,000 tons of oranges, but much of the fruit from the region is exported to the United Kingdom, where it is made into marmalade.

Spain has launched a program to switch its electricity system solely to renewable sources by 2050 and fully decarbonize its economy soon after that.

Moreover, Greenhouse gas emissions would be cut by 90% from 1990 levels under the country’s draft climate change and energy transition law.

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