Shaadi Season Trends 2021: The DO’s and DON’Ts of the year

There's only one problem at hand with winter weddings: what to wear?

Heading: Shaadi season Live Now

With October almost nearing the end and winter season closing in, we all know what’s coming next: the desi wedding season. Every Pakistani couple loves the idea of getting married during the start to mid-winter season months. And why not? The weather’s great, shadi halls offer better rates, post-wedding travel choices are perfect, and the food options are the best – gajar ka halwa and Kashmiri chai for the win.

There’s only one problem at hand with winter weddings: what to wear? Worry not, ladies; we’ve got you covered. We have compiled a list of all the latest bridal fashion trends 2021, so you don’t have to compromise on your looks at all.

Here are 8 bridal fashion trends ruling 2021:

1. Bright Pastels

Blush pink, earthy olives, ultimate grey, illuminating yellow, and other bright pastel colors continue to trend this year. One-tone dresses are trending, but you can feel free to mix and match two or more colors for one bridal dress.

2. Flower Jewelry

While this has been a tradition since forever, this year brings an abundant variety in flower jewelry. Basic red roses and marigold jewelry have now been replaced with unconventional options like daisies, peonies, tulips, and more.

3. Color-blocked Outfits

In earlier times, bridal dress colors used to be two different shades of the same color. However, now color-blocked outfits have taken over fashion. Color blocking is when two colors on the opposite ends of the color wheel – for example, purple and yellow or orange and pink – are paired for one outfit. The results speak for themselves.

4. Unique Necklines and Shoulders

Blouses these days have taken an experimental turn and are becoming more revealing . They are all about edgy necklines and quirky shoulders. Find out what style you love, and go all-in with an extraordinary blouse this season.

5. Shimmer & Mirror

Sequins and mirrors are still the talk of the town for wedding dress bling. This graceful yet extremely glamorous trend may never run out of style when it comes to desi weddings.

6. Head Jewelry

Brides this season are experimenting with gorgeous bridal bands and matha pattis to glam up their outfits. The designs are more modern, but head jewelry is so in this shadi season.

7. Floral Mehndi

Intricately designed floral mehndi is all the rage this year as more and more brides are requesting flowery designs. The mehndi patterns are also less cluttered and more sophisticated.

8. Chevron Print

The Chevron print, also known as the zig-zag print, is back again in all exquisiteness. A lot of brides and designers are now embracing this 2014 style for their bridal dresses.

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