While Pakistanis love it, here’s how celebrities are reacting to Diriliş: Ertuğrul

The celebrities, so far, have a mixed response to it.

Since the Turkish drama Diriliş: Ertuğrul started airing on the national television, it has become the subject of discussion across social media. The show, which is being referred to as the ‘Turkish Game of Thrones’, has become Pakistan’s favorite.

However, Pakistani celebrities so far have a mixed response to it. While Hamza Ali Abbasi loves it, veteran actor Shaan Shahid believes that we should be celebrating our local talent instead.

Actor turned televangelist Hamza Ali Abbasi is actively following Diriliş: Ertuğrul and expressed his appreciation for the show. He even played the tune of its opening song in a video.


On the contrary, film actor Shaan Shahid thought otherwise. The actor saw this as an ‘invasion of foreign content for an audience that just wants to watch a variety of soap operas’.

Shaan said that Pakistan should find its own history and heroes rather than looking for them in other cultures.

Shaan previously also requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to support art. He said that our culture, art, and music would be lost if not preserved.

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  • turkish actors ENGIN ALTAN DÜZYATAN (Ertuğrul) aur (ESRA BILGIÇ) ko Pakıstan bulana aur unhaın aıza se nawazna chahıye..inke alawa producer director aur team ke deeger memberon ko bhi bula kae izzatafzai karni chahiye….

  • turkish actors ENGIN ALTAN DÜZYATAN (Ertuğrul) aur ESRA BILGIÇ (HALIMA)ko Pakıstan bulana aur unhaın aıza se nawazna chahıye..inke alawa producer director aur team ke deeger memberon ko bhi bula kae izzatafzai karni chahiye….

  • Shaan jeson ki market down hogi to unjon ne rona nai to aur kya krna he? What have this sort of people been up to so far except “jaggay da intaqam”? Cheapsters.

  • irresponsible pathetic dubbing (by some 3rd party) and undue adds/pauses during this drama, by PTV are killing the spirit of this drama…why PTV sabotaging an effort that could become its asset…Govt must do the needful to not let the impact of this drams go in vain…

  • Mr shan shame on you. Why not your film industry made this type of movie or dramas shows our culture. You are making how to promote loves in young youth and don’t agree with the parents decision and threat the parents for suicide and kneeling in front of the children and not advice them suicide will put them in hell for ever very beautiful drama. Hamza Abbasi I agree with you

    • Shan Shahid himself should look back and do catharsis what awful and abyss level of pathetic bullshit punjabi movies he did by Impersonating notorious goons as role models for punjabi audience. Shame on what he did and inspired to audience what was nothing but sheer violence and portraying absconders.

  • Wonderful drama and and a lot of lessons to be learnt from it for our new generation

  • Ertugrul drama shows how strong was the tribal system and Islam couldn’t kbreak it.
    2. The greedy compromised national /Islamic interests.
    3. How Christian were anti-Islam.
    4. History shows Ist Jews followed by Christians tried to kill Holy Prophet PBUH and to erase Islam but failed, however theirs struggle continued throughout.
    4. Dedicated and honest leaders perseved the honor of Islam and uphold it’s flag.

  • Because of this Turkish series pakistani actors popularity is in danger and this is good and i would support foreign things than pakistani as pakistan industry is wasting money in these actors. These actors use their political influence to not let enter new talent in industry why we have only few actors why a poor person can’t be an actor. I support all those who are against these actors.

  • اf some thing for the betterment of the Muslims who Care which Muslim is on top. Heroes are the symbol .In pakistan family related dramas which are desater for the nation what we have coping Indian typical stories. We are not what we are seeing. Appreciate what is best going in Muslims at any country on the planet earth.

  • If you want imran khan to help the local pakistani industry show some good shows first, then he will consider it. Actually make a drama/movie people want to watch instead of a drama where everyone is crying and being a silly head.

  • These Pakistani actors should be ashamed. Ertugrul shows how Islam was a way of living ture hero battle. Pakistani actor clearly jealous. Allahu akbar

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