Shaan Shahid vs Humayun Saeed | The Smallest Twitter Argument

Thanks to Shaan and Humayun, the internet witnessed the world's smallest Twitter argument.

Shaan Shahid has been in the spotlight ever since his harsh criticism of the Turkish drama series Ertugral. He recently, again, \\’almost\\’ stirred controversy on Twitter.

A Twitter user recently shared a picture of a snack named \\’Meray Pass Tum Ho\\’. The snack did not only feature Humayun Saeed\\’s famous drama\\’s name in print but also its cover picture.

The tweet instantly went viral. Of course, it reached the male lead of the drama series Humayun Saeed.

The male actor did pretty much what everyone else would have done after watching the snack packet\\’s picture. Humayun gave a candid reply to the tweet:

Out of nowhere, Shaan Shahid jumped in and tried to educate Humayun Saeed on how to deal with his fans. He said that it is the love of Humayun\\’s fans for him and his work, and advised Humayun to accept it.

To Shaan\\’s tweet, Humayun replied that he was not making fun of the snack packet. In fact, he was happy. Humayun told Shaan that he does not take the love of his fans for granted, as the actor is well aware that they are the reason he is where he is today.

Thanks to Shaan and Humayun, the internet witnessed the world\\’s smallest Twitter argument.

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