Shaan Shahid takes a U-turn, says ‘Diriliş: Ertuğrul’ is a ‘classic masterpiece’

Pakistani actor and producer Shaan Shahid was among those who strongly criticized PTV’s decision to air the Turkish drama series. However, the actor took to Twitter to praise the series and said it is a “classic masterpiece.” He also thanked the creators, cast, and technicians for making this “epic.”


The Lollywood star himself finished watching the entire series on streaming site Netflix.

Some people called him out for taking a U-turn, but Shaan cleared his position by saying that he watched the series on Netflix.

In his further tweets, it is evident that Shaan is not against the series; rather, he is against PTV’s decision to air foreign products. He believes that it is senseless to charge hefty amounts and show foreign products.


The 49-year-old actor Shaan requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to support the local entertainment industry. 

The Turkish drama series, Ertugrul Ghazi (Dirilis Ertugrul), recently aired in Pakistan and took everyone by storm. Ever since the first Urdu dubbed season aired, the series already has millions of Pakistani fans and the Prime Minister is no exception!

The story is that of Ertugrul Ghazi – the father of Osman Ghazi, who founded the Ottoman Empire that continued for 6 centuries. Inarguably, Ertugrul Ghazi is the most popular drama right now.

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  • Shaan, you liked it or not…over 5 Crore people of Pakistan liked it. Is not it million times better than Bollywood’s  Vulgar trashes?…

  • Game of white porno thrones it is not.. The filth that is being produced on TVs in Pakistan is a horror show of ignorance and filth.


    Reema a glorified prostitute is giving lecture on what we should watch? She went to ISRAHELL and married a Qadiani.

  • چلو دیر آئے درست آئے ،،چاہے ،،عوام سے چھتر کھا کر ہی سہی سمجھ تو آئی شان کو 

  • These Pakistani actors and industry can’t make anything good them selfs they all the time expect government help. Stop making Pakistanis rubbish dramas and films so people and start making good pakistani products first.

  • Shan is giving us a good example that we should all buy Netflix accounts as it is another private company and with that no need to promote whatever remains of Govt. institution like PTV

  • he took u turn as he knows Turkey and Pakistan will do a joint production after corona is over. Already Ertugrul producer said this. So considering his facial features, he qualifies to play a Turk or a mamluk warrior in some new drama. So that can be reason for his u turn

  • Does Shan think he is as good as the main Ertugrul actor (Engin Altan Duzyatan)? Ertugrul is inspirational and Shan is nobody.

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