Is Extremists’ Propaganda About Shah Rukh Khan Spitting At Lata Mangeshkar’s Remains True? Pictures Reveal!

Another ugly aspect of Indian hate politics exposed!

Legendary Indian singer Lata Mangeshkar passed away on Sunday, marking the end of an enchanting musical era. For eight decades, the woman enthralled the world with her euphonious voice. Now she rests in peace, leaving behind her melody as memories for generations to come.

Her cremation took place in Shivaji Park, Mumbai. Several prominent figures attended her funeral, including Prime Minister Narendra Modi, CM Uddhav Thackeray, Bollywood actors Shah Rukh Khan, Aamir Khan, State Cabinet Ministers, and other top dignitaries to comfort the bereaved Mangeshkar clan.

Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan was among the many to pay his last respects in person to the legendary singer, Lata Mangeshkar The actor prayed for the legendary woman by reciting a dua and blowing the air.

The action looked something like this:

Shah Rukh Khan can be seen raising his hands in dua, while his manager Pooja Dadlani can be seen folding her hands to pay homage to the celebrated singer. Khan also paid her a floral tribute and touched her feet after reciting the dua.

The last picture instantly went viral on social media, and a nasty online campaign brewed on various online platforms. Many trolls claimed that Shah Rukh Khan spit near Lata Mangeshkar’s body. Some even went to lengths and backed the claim with obnoxious stories.

Here’s how the trolls reacted to the viral photo:

Several fans and followers of Shah Rukh Khan battled in the comment section with the trolls to clarify that the actor was reciting a surah and blowing on the body – an action standard in Islamic countries. These netizens were touched by the actor’s gesture and hailed the snap as ‘a picture of secular India’.

Regardless of the criticism that ensued, the picture spread a ‘positive message’ on social media about religious harmony and cordial respectful relations between entertainment personalities.

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  • اس چول نے بھی کوی موقع بھی چوکنے نہیں دینا بھلا کیاضرورت تھی تھوبڑے سے ماسک اتار کر پھشوں پھشوں کرکے پھونکیں مارنے کی؟
    میت پر پھونکنے کی روایت بھی پہلی بار دیکھی ہے ورنہ قبر پر جاکر فاتحہ پڑھی جاتی ہے

  • Yeh khud ko secular aur modern muslim boolte hain. Magar phir bhi hindu’s inko acha nahi samjhte.

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