Shahbaz Gil to file case against alleged PML-N workers spreading dangerous propaganda against him

In a series of tweets, Shahbaz Gill shared the names and accounts of the PML-N members.

Shahbaz Gill PML-N

The Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on Political Communication, Shahbaz Gil, has accused some members of the PML-N of spreading false rumors against him.

In a series of tweets, Gill said, ”There are some dirty-minded people who have been spreading false rumors about me from day one. They belong to the PML-N. I am registering a case against them in the FIA so that they do not make false allegations against anyone in the future.”

The Assistant added, “All of them have been identified. Most of them are PML-N officials. It is a shame that they have been trained to spread lies.”

In this regard, the Writer and Journalist, Adeel Raja, said, “This is highly dangerous; spreading fake news and that too with an intent to put the person in trouble. If the PML-N is behind this, it needs to step back and think again.”

Condemning the act, The Provincial Finance Minister of Punjab, Hashim Jawan Bakht, said, “Highly condemnable and deplorable behavior. No one should be allowed to make spurious allegations and get away with it.

The Famous TV host, Imran Khan, said, “Difference of opinion is fine, but the use of religion for political gains is a dangerous thing. Political leadership must ask their workers to stop this kind of propaganda, and relevant authorities should initiate legal action as soon as possible.”

Response from other Journalists

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  • these ##### are like that. they do these kind of propaganda and sadly people are jahil enough to buy it.

  • Gill Sb! tusi great ho…..

    BTW what wrong news spread against you?? not mentioned above….

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