Shahbaz Gill banned from press clubs: Journalists stand in support of Asma Shirazi in recent fiasco

Shahbaz Gill held a presser in connection with the editorial written by Shirazi for BBC Urdu

Shahbaz Gill

In a press conference on Thursday, the Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Political Communication, Dr. Shahbaz Gill, allegedly accused senior journalist Asma Shirazi of insulting the First Lady Bushra Bibi in an article.

Shahbaz Gill held a presser in connection with the editorial written by Shirazi for BBC Urdu, which criticized the government without naming any individual, including Prime Minister Imran Khan’s wife.

Gill said, “While criticizing, people forget that the First Lady is a daughter of Pakistan first, then she is a mother and then a wife. If you have any evidence Asma Shirzai Sahiba of all the things you have accused her of, then you have every right to report news, but don’t make news out of assumptions.”

If you dislike the PM’s family, you can have resentment against them; however, there are ethical limits.”

Gill expressed displeasure with some senior journalists for supporting Shirazi with the hashtag ‘I stand with Asma Shirazi.’ 

The PM’s aide asked whether Sherazi was doing “all this after being unable to find any scandal of the Prime Minister in the last three years.” 

However, the Special Assistant’s presser was widely criticized by people from all walks of life. Press clubs in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar, and Quetta will ban Gill’s entry unless he apologizes to Asma Shirazi for baseless charges.

Lahore Press Club issued a statement denouncing the vile comments of the PM’s aide and said, “All Press Clubs of Pakistan will ban the entry of Shahbaz Gill, and the media will boycott him.” 

The Human Rights Commission of Pakistan tweeted, “HRCP is appalled by Shahbaz Gill’s slurs against the senior female journalist and his attempts to discredit her professional and personal integrity. Such behavior reflects the government’s deplorable prejudice towards critical reportage, which is every journalist’s right.”

Moreover, the Pakistan Federal Union of Journalists warned Shahbaz Gill of severe consequences for using abusive and intimidating language against Asma Shirazi.

Lawyer Reema Omer tweeted, “Shahbaz Gill’s despicable press conference against Asma Shirazi is a new low for this government, and given their already appalling record on media freedom, this is saying a lot.” 

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