Why Shahbaz Sharif Wanted To Acquire 80 Kanal Land Of Punjab University? Kamran Shahid Reveals

It has been very much evident during this government’s tenure that It didn’t much pay attention or allocated resources to higher education budget. Renown Scientist and Ex. Chairman HEC Dr Atta ur Rehman has been very critical recently for cutting budget of Higher Education. On the other hand Infrastructure has always been forte of PMLN government irrespective of what era they came in. PMLN’s opponents claim it is the case because it has always been lucrative for them.

Instead of spending more on higher education, universities or education sector in general, government is striping them of resources already held by them and that’s exactly is the stance taken by Chief Justice Of Pakistan when he intervened government’s plan to take 80 Kanal of Punjab University’s land for its infrastructure use.

Here is why Shahbaz Sharif Acquired 80 Kanal Land Of Punjab University And How Chief Justice Failed Shahbaz Sharif’s Plan? Watch this

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