Shahbaz Shairf’s Bizarre Statement about Metro Bus is Going Viral On Social Media With Some Very Interesting Reactions

Shahbaz Shairf is notorious for his sometimes very awkward statements. He often has no idea what he is talking about and we are sure everyone can recall many examples of his absurd statements over the years. A very recent example of that is when he said THIS.

It took everyone by shock that Mr. Sharif is still waiting for a chance to be given to fulfill this desire of him by his very own self? For last 5 years he had almost absolute power of the biggest province of Pakistan with biggest budget and yet all you are waiting for is a CHANCE? What he apparently was trying here to let people focus on the ‘Free’ Cancer Hospital part of him statement more in which a taunt to his political rivals (IK & SKMCH) was intended. But it went wrong.

And then there’s this Statement 


but lets move to the most recent statement that is making circles on Social media for its absurdity.

This one even more harder to make sense of.



Haha Like Seriously? Mr Shairf has complete reverse the whole Cause and Effect process. A statement like “Ager Aman Qaim Na Raha Tou Metro Bus Nahin Chal Sakti” would still have been a bit obvious but logical.

And then happens the obvious, Twitterati tried every bit of its wit on this bizarre statement. Some questioned his mental ability and some even suggested a Metro Bus in Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria to restore Peace in these war torn countries.

Here are some of the wittiest reactions by Twitterati.

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