Shaheen Afridi shares a surprising update on his wedding

The media outlet further asked Shaheen Afridi if his female fans will be heartbroken when he finally ties the knot.

Ever since cricketer Shaheen Afridi’s engagement was announced with Shahid Afridi’s daughter Aqsa, Pakistanis have been eagerly waiting for their wedding. Fans and followers constantly have one question on their mind: when is the wedding taking place?

While people were expecting a date to be announced soon, sadly, the fast bowler has recently unveiled that the wedding won’t be happening any time soon.

Shaheen Afridi reveals it all in an interview

According to media reports, Shaheen Afridi said:

I am in no hurry to get married at the moment as I am too focused on my career. I will think about marriage in the future.

The media outlet further asked Shaheen Afridi if his female fans will be heartbroken when he finally ties the knot. To this, the cricketer just smiled and refused to comment. According to sources, the fast bowler was respectful towards his fiance and didn’t find it fair to respond to such a question.

Sources state that Shaheen Afridi’s delayed marriage intentions fit into his fiance’s plans for higher education, who will be pursuing a career in the medical field. Speaking to a media outlet earlier, Shahid Afridi said:

My daughter wants to become a doctor. She will probably pursue further education in Pakistan or England.

Recap of the Engagement

Shahid Afridi accepted Shaheen Afridi’s proposal for his eldest daughter in May 2021. The engagement announcement delighted fans and followers, who flooded the cricketer’s social media with congratulations and well wishes.

Speaking about the engagement, Shahid Afridi said:

If it’s God’s will, the young bowler will be my son-in-law in the future. We Afridis have eight tribes. Shaheen, and we belong to different tribes. This means that my daughter is marrying out of the family.

While the news of the delayed wedding has reduced the excitement of fans and followers, their hopes are still alive to see the union of the Shaheen Afridi and Aqsa Afridi soon. Fans are chiming better late than never and wishing the two well on their decision.

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