Meet Shaheer Niazi | 18-year-old Pakistani boy who broke Sir Isaac Newton’s record [VIDEO]

Shaheer has only one true goal - to bag a Nobel prize for Pakistan!

Muhammad Shaheer Niazi, an 18-year-old from Pakistan, has stunned the world by breaking one of the records of Sir Isaac Newton. At such a young age, he has managed to achieve remarkable milestones in the field of Physics.

When he was only 16-year-old, Niazi found a way to photograph the movement of ions, which form a honeycomb shape when electrically charged particles are passed through a pool of oil.

His study has been published in the prestigious Royal Open Science Journal, making him the youngest in the world to have a published research paper.

‘’Newton was 17 when his first research paper was published in the same journal’’, Shaheer said.

He continued to say that he received an email from a journalist of the New York Times, who referred to him as ‘Dr. Niazi’. Shaheer replied that he wasn’t sure whether he could be called a ‘doctor’ since he is only 17 years old.

‘’It was seen as an insignificant thing, and only four to five research papers had been written on it. So, I didn’t think it would get much publicity’’, Niazi said.

Forbes 30 Under 30:

Shaheer’s remarkable achievement was recognized by Forbes as well and he was named in the Forbes 30 under 30 list. The list celebrates young talent under the age of 30 across the world.

He announced on Twitter that he had been rejected from Harvard, Yale, and other prestigious universities. But he didn’t let it get to his head and discourage him.

Although there is still has a long way to go for him, Niazi is fully determined to accomplish his true goal – to win Pakistan a Nobel Prize in Physics.

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  • Zindabaad Pakistani…Masha-Allah…May Allah help, bless and guide you…Pakistan is really proud of you…

  • Ma Sha Allah.. Allah may bless him. He wouldn’t get Nobel but Malalai got one for unknown achievement because West wanted so.

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