Shahid Afridi issues video statement following social media criticism [Watch]

Shahid Afridi

Former captain of the national cricket team, Shahid Khan Afridi, has been under immense criticism on social media. He has been trending on top on Twitter.

It all started when Boom Boom Afridi congratulated Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif after being elected as the 23rd PM of Pakistan. Later, he also criticised the policies of ex-PM Imran Khan.

Following the criticism on social media, Shahid Afridi has now issued a statement on his YouTube channel. The former skipper said that he has the right to disagree with someone’s policies.

He added that he expressed his views like a common Pakistani citizen and he has always appreciated Imran Khan for his good work. However, Afridi said that he has the right to disagree.

The 42-year-old also termed Imran Khan as the best captain in world cricket and added that he started playing cricket watching the 1992 World Cup winning captain.

“When I congratulated Shehbaz Sharif on becoming the Prime Minister, I knew that I would be criticized a lot but there is no political or personal interest behind it.”

Shahid Afridi further stated that every leader of our country is respected for us because he represents us all over the world. Talking about overseas Pakistanis, Lala said that they have always respected him.

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  • Get lost Afridi you prick. Disagreement with IK is fine but supporting haraamis like the Sharifs shows your true feelings

  • Jahan saare IK k khilaaf akathe ho k awam se galiyan kha rahe hein aap janab bhi apna hissa baqadr e jussa wasool lein

  • Pakistan lost an era in cricket because of him. Greed has closed his eyes too

  • شاہد آفریدی نے لیفافہ پکڑ لیا
    اس بیغرت سے بھی ہمے بہت ساری امیند ہوتی تھی
    آج اس بیغرت نے کتے کی طرح بھونکنا شروع کر دیا

    • تم نے آج تک کیا پرفورمنس دیکھای جو تم أج خان پہ انگلی اٹھا رہے ہو۔ شرم أنی چا ہۓ تمے

  • Afridi doesn’t lack resources, he had more wealth and fame than necessary.

    Stooping to such levels even after all this confirms the notion that he was never a good person. His cricketing legacy aside.

  • Pakistan ka sab se behtreen aur kamyaab TC karne wala Insaan.. itna ba ra TC Baaz, k Showbaz sharif aur Molana tahir ashrafi b issey ustaad mantey hein.

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