‘He asked for it’ – Shahroz Sabzwari roasted online for the caption of his latest photo!

People were really unforgiving!

It’s been over more than ten days since Sadaf and Shahroz announced their Nikkah, and people are still not tired of roasting them.

We all know how strong our meme game is, and Sadaf and Shahroz have fallen prey to this new culture.

Although Shahroz tried to justify his and Sadaf’s position in a recent video message, people do not seem to be impressed at all.

Things might have settled down by now, but then Shahroz decided to upload a new photo and that too with a problematic caption.

Shahroz recently took his social media accounts to share a picture with the caption: “Coronavirus doesn’t affect rats and snakes, so most of you are safe.”


Well, Shahroz himself asked for it. He might have turned off the Instagram comments section ever since he announced the news of marriage with Sadaf, but people took other social media platforms like Facebook to share their humorous thoughts.

Here is how people reacted to the picture:

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