VIDEO: Shahveer Jafry makes Saba Qamar ‘cry’ in his latest vlog

Both seem to be having quite some fun!

Perhaps the most helpful, albeit difficult talent for any actor to have is the ability to cry on command.

Whether it’s to portray a moment of pain, grief, anger, desperation, or even joy, there are a lot of pivotal movie scenes that really require actors to trickle out those tears again and again.

The famous YouTuber Shahveer Jafry in his latest Vlog had Pakistani actress Saba Qamar as a guest and requested her to cry for the camera.

Saba Qamar took everyone by surprise as she started trickling down tears in no time.

There is no doubt that the Pakistani actress has years of experience and it surely reflects through her acting and control over her emotions that she needs to portray.

Saba is one of the finest actresses of our entertainment industry. She has a long list of successful dramas up her sleeves. Saba has also worked in Bollywood for the movie Hindi Medium.

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