Shameful: Dennis Cricket Shares How He Got Asked For Money at The Lahore Airport [Video]

Airport officials asking for money and taking out stuff from passengers luggage is nothing new in Pakistan. But when such things happens to a visiting foreigner, it is indeed a moment of shame for all of us.

This is exactly what happened to the Australian Cricket journalist, Dennis Freedman, popularly known as Dennis Cricket. The famous journalist just flew back to his home country after completing his tour of Pakistan.

Dennis Freedman was in Pakistan for the Pakistan Super League. 

After landing in Australia, Dennis narrated an unfortunate incident that happened to him at the Lahore airport. In a video posted on his official Twitter account, he shared how an airport official demanded money from him for helping him out.

Watch The Video Here: 

He was also very aggressive. Give me any currency. USD. Australian dollar. Show me your wallet. I thought it was part of business class service. It obviously wasn’t,” Dennis wrote in another tweet.

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  • Gov’t needs ti take action on thi6asap

    Nothing changed at our airports even after Khan coming into power

    What a shame!!

  • U are misreporting .porters at the airport when they help with luggage or guiding ,they expect tip which is quite polite in western culture .why u twisted the thing as the porter know few words in English .u instead of giving tip to a porter,u blamed him.its shameful

  • Actually it happened to me as well at Lahore airport and these guys are not airport officials instead they are workers of cafes and shops at the airport but in connection with airport staff to share the illegal fast track service fee. Anyway we Pakistani consider it as tip against service, nothing much.

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