Shameless Private Guards Defend Staring At Women- Call It Their “Duty”

“Everyone looks at women, you cannot put a person in jail for doing so,” said one guard

  • Guards of Islamabad feels like it’s their duty to stare at women to keep an eye on them.
  • Guards threaten women as they share their information with their colleagues and servants.
  • “They would tell others what time a woman next door leaves for work and returns, “said a woman.


Although Islamabad is one of the safest cities of Pakistan and it has become a status symbol to have guards who are staring every passing-by.

In many posh sectors of Islamabad like E and F, almost every house has a guard sitting outside. Wearing blue uniforms, a favorite thing of these guards for time pass is to watch women and make them uncomfortable.

The condition is even worse and unpleasant at the streets where offices, embassies, diplomatic residence, and guesthouses are present and that makes the lives of working women more difficult. “No one likes being stared at, it is simply a disgusting thing,” remarked Fozia Shaheen, a homemaker.

Women uncomfortable because of guards

Fouzia is a diabetes patient and walks regularly on the advice of a doctor.  “As advised by the doctor, I have to walk regularly but it has become a test with so many private guards around.”

Although CDA has removed, all the illegally placed temporary guardrooms but these guards are sitting in open outside the house.  “Their gaze follows you from one side of the road to the other. I wonder why they are not trained to respect women or any passer-by,” said Fozia.

Another resident a college student is facing the same problem and she even tried to ask a question to some guard.  “I was tired of this behavior. Therefore, one day I asked one of them for staring at me. He never admitted that. It is not easy to report this kind of harassment,” said Urooj. This is a serious problem, which is badly affecting the daily movement of women.

A growing number of guards is not doing anything good for women. “Security is everyone’s concern but the unprofessional manner in which the guards perform their duties and their gestures make us feel uncomfortable,” said workingwoman Shabana Ali.

Shabana is of the view that these guards are a threat to women as they are sharing their information with their colleagues and servants.  “They would tell others what time a woman next door leaves for work and returns,” she said.

Another woman said that the street where she lives guards have given different names to different women. “This is simply insulting yet we can’t do a thing,” she lamented.

Shameless behavior of guards

On the other when guards were confronted because of the pervert actions they shamelessly said, “Everyone looks at women, you cannot put a person in jail for doing so,” said one guard. While the other said that, it is their duty to keep an eye on everyone.

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  • What about the wonen who stare at men like its their birth right, what will you call them?

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