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State orphanages have done immense benefit to country’s social fabric, as they rehabilitate the children having no parental guidance. Those kids, who are vulnerable and at the brink of falling in hands of the cruel elements of the society, can find their new home at Pakistan Sweet Homes – Bait ul Maal.

Sweet Homes not only provide a safe shelter to the children left alone in this world, but it also provides them with food and adequate nutrition, quality education and co-curricular activities to turn them into a productive contributor of the society.

Pakistan Sweet Homes takes responsibility for the complete upbringing of the children and their education till they are in the age of securing decent employment and are completely independent.

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  1. The child should be between the age group of four to six years.
  2. Orphan – or precisely has lost his father.
  3. Should belong to a compromised financial background as Sweet Homes looks to accommodate the ones needing the most help.

    Applications are open for till 10th February. Please click HERE to register and change a life!

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