Sharmeen Obaid Breaks Her Silence On Friend Request Controversy, Admits Her Words Were ‘Poorly Chosen’, But….

Sharmeen Obaid sparked a debate after she blamed doctor who examined her sister of harassment because of him sending her Facebook friend request later. Her statement was very rigid which caused a dispute among people. Later the doctor was fired from his job due to this controversy and it further ignited the debate.

Public and even certain prominent showbiz figures with influence gave their point of view about it as well.

Mostly people were against her statement however Mahira Khan and Ushna Shah supported her saying that for doctor, his patient is only an object. And approaching to patient on social media is inappropriate.

Mahira Khan also expressed her views saying

“If you have power to utilize a platform for good then you should. A doctor who takes your info and then adds you on a social media platform is breaking a code of conduct…it is unprofessional.”
She further said that these ‘faceless’ people who are bashing her and abusing her family are nothing else than keyboard terrorists.

However, through everything, Sharmeen herself was silent and made no public statements. Now she breaks her silence and took to Twitter to express her feelings about what happened. What her statements clearly reflect is the fact that she was unaware of the fact that her statement might ignite a nationwide argument.

She clarified that her intention was not using privilege or power. She further said that they lodged a complaint with AKUH. Hospital itself carried an independent and uninfluenced investigation so the decision of firing the doctor was made by them after examining his previous record.

She concluded by saying that one may argue about her words or limitations of social media usage, but the incident was ‘breach’ of trust and she still stands by her statement that it was in fact an incident of unprofessional-ism and doctor-patient privilege.

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