Sharmeen Obaid Thinks Sending Friend Request On Facebook Is ‘Harrasment’ – Ali Moeen Nawazish Responds

Pride of Pakistan Sharmeen Obaid has built a strong image for raising voice and highlighting the struggles that our women go through every single day. However, this time the woman advocacy caused a significant reaction from people.

The Oscar winner took to Twitter ranting about an incident that her sister faced. According to Sharmeen, her sister went to a hospital for some emergency medical care and the doctor who attended her sent her a friend request on Facebook.

Although her point was valid to an extent that the doctor used confidential information of his patient and approached her on social media platforms and it can be deemed as unethical or unprofessional behavior. However, terming it as ‘harassment’ is surely dense. Many people reacted to her tweet as well saying that on social media everyone has the freedom to do whatever they want and sending friend request cannot be called harassment by any means as of course, her sister had the freedom to accept or decline it.

There were men who improvised that if a man approaching a woman on Facebook is a harasser, what is a woman doing the same?

Ali Moeen Nawazish also responded to her statement saying that Facebook is a social media networking site and people send each other requests all the time. Also, she needs to take into consideration that she is a public figure, and people who are related to a famous personality are approached by people quite often. Well, he does have a point there!

It was inappropriate for the doctor to approach a patient like this but as he just tried to contact and didn’t use any inappropriate words or actions, calling it harassment is a little harsh. That’s just our take, we leave the rest for you to decide!

What are your thoughts on this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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