Sharmila Farooqi widely trolled for her hilarious cooking video – and she is handling it like a pro!

The woman is literally retweeting all the memes!

Celebrities are seen being regularly active on social media, trying out new things to keep themselves busy during the quarantine period. But now it looks like the boredom has gotten to the politicians as well.

For fun, Sharmila Farooqi shared a video of her cooking her favorite dish, ‘fish fillet’. She soon became the talk of the town because of her cooking skills.

She was unable to explain correctly what she was cooking. Yes – you heard it right! Farooqi begins the video by telling her followers that she is making ‘pan-sauce chicken fillet’ with lemon sauce but picks up a piece of red snapper fish instead.

The internet couldn’t help but troll the politician for her hilarious attempt at cooking. However, she is handling the trolls like a pro! She is enjoying all the social media attention she is getting.

Here are the ones she loved the most:

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