Sharmila Faruqi expresses displeasure at the storyline of Ayeza Khan’s latest drama [VIDEO]

Farooqui shared the drama clip of 'Lapata'.

Sharmila Faruqui has expressed her distaste at a highly controversial scene in the pilot of Laapata, a new drama serial.

In recent headlines, she expressed her disapproval at Ayeza Khan’s most disputable scene from Laapata, where she plays the role of an obnoxious TikTok star named Geeti, who later makes a video publicizing false harassment allegations on a shopkeeper in the drama

Farooqui shared the drama clip, writing, “Appalled to see a clip from drama serial ‘Laapata’ where Geeti played by @ayezakhan.ak is seen blackmailing a shopkeeper with false harassment claims. Trust me, harassment is real, it’s hurtful and just destroys you.”

She talked about how women in this country have been paying dearly for the crimes being committed against them, and that dramas like this only increase the insensitivity of the public towards these issues. Therefore, they need to take responsibility for such a poor depiction of very real problems faced by this country’s women.

She continued on to say, “The general public idolizes dramas & the stars working in them. What message are you sending across to them? Our country has seen an unfortunate surge in horrendous crimes against women and humanity at large. This only makes it worse…. P.s I love @ayezakhan.ak otherwise for her worthwhile performances in other dramas.”

After Faruqui’s post went online, users also commented below her post. Some agreed with her stance, saying it was crucial that in harassment cases, the probability of the victim telling the truth is higher. However, some had a totally different opinion, as you’ll see when you scroll through the comments below.

Sharmila Faruqui is a Pakistani politician from Karachi who is very prominent in the country’s bureaucratic circle. She completed her Masters of Business Administration from the Adamson Institute of Business Administration And Technology, Karachi, and a master of Law Degree. After that, she served as an advisor to the Chief Minister of Sindh from September 2008 to January 2011.

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