Sharmila Faruqi responds to Gohar Rasheed ‘oppression is a choice’ statement

Sharmila Farooqui came up with a perfect reply to Gohar Rasheed about his oppression is a choice statement.

The Drama serial Laapata has been getting lots of attention lately for its controversial scenes. First, it was Ayeza Khan’s scene of falsely accusing a shopkeeper of harassment and now its Gohar Rasheed getting slapped.

Both the scenes stirred up controversy on social media. A scene from the drama serial Laapata, in which Sarah Khan stands up for herself and slaps Gohar Rasheed back, has gone viral on social media platforms.

The scene received mixed response with some users appreciating the victim striking back while other believe that violence in any form is unacceptable.

Gohar Rasheed took his Instagram account and shared his thoughts on the viral scene.

“I hate the display of physical abuse on television. This is why I have always refrained from doing it in at least my own characters. It’s unfortunate but it has been done so frequently on our television that it’s almost become a subconscious reality for us. Apparently, physically abusing women is “fine” and any misogynistic, spineless man can get away with it, just like Daniyal thought in yesterday’s episode of Laapata.”

The Raaz-e-Ulfat actor revealed that the reason he took up this role was to prove that ‘oppression is a choice.’

“If any insecure man with his fragile ego tries his ‘so called’ muscles on you, make the choice that Falak did, without any fear!.”

One tight slap back from a brave woman to such a weak man in our society would be a giant leap for women kind. We need such examples to be made by such women of strength, to empower women for their own safety, their well being [and] self respect. A scene [like this] that is so powerful, I hope that it’s effect is even more impactful on our women.”

Sharmila Faruqi comes up with a perfect response:

While replying to Gohar, the renowned politician said that oppression isn’t a choice. “It’s a hard reality,” she replied.

Sharmila Faruqi reminded the actor how thousands of women are oppressed ‘not because they chose to be oppressed but because they don’t have the choice to hit back or leave.’

Sharmila Farooqui response to Gohar Rasheed

Marital rapes, domestic violence, acid victims, child marriages are rampant because the victims are helpless physically and financially. They suffer in silence and those who do muster the courage to fight back are either silenced, murdered or divorced with no where to go. The victim blaming never ends, it’s a vicious cycle.”

Gohar Rasheed Responds to Sharmila Faruqi:

In his response to Sharmila Faruqi, the actors asked, “With all due respect ma’am. Then how can we break this vicious cycle? If thousands of women are being oppressed daily, how can we change that reality?”

The actor believes that the main reason behind women tolerating ‘all this injustice is because of fear, the norms and taboos that have been created by our unsophisticated society.’

Gohar Rasheed response to Sharmila FarooquiHe added, “this fear is becoming a mindset for these women and the only thing that can change this mindset is an idea.”

An idea of not being oppressed, tolerant or fearing any injustice or abuse by the spineless men of our society,” Gohar Rasheed said.

“The ‘slap scene’ depicts a woman standing up for herself and saying no to violence which is a step towards breaking that vicious circle. Oppression is a choice, an idea for the generation to come where no woman should accept being abused or oppressed due to the society norms and if she does tolerate being oppressed then that is her choice not a mindset anymore,” he concluded.

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