Shazia Zafar, Gul Sakina – Are Pakistan’s daughters not even safe in schools and madrassas?

Violence and sexual abuse in educational institutions needs to be discussed - NOW!

Another day, another tragedy – however, today, we need to mourn two. Shazia Zafar, a 13-year-old daughter of a shopkeeper and 5-year-old Gul Sakina are the latest reminders that Pakistan has completely failed to protect its children against sexual abuse.

Shazia Zafar

According to police, the body of a teenage girl was thrown outside the main road of Jhang city bypass in a sack. Police further said that she was coming back from the Madrasa in the morning, where she was kidnapped and brutally murdered.

Police arrived at the site as soon as they were informed. Her body has been moved to DHQ Hospital Jhang for post-mortem. According to initial reports, the girl was strangled to death.

sexual assault

Gul Sakina

Minor 5-year-old girl Gul Sakina was raped and thrown in deep stain water tank in the school premises at pewar, Parachinar.

She was a student of class one and she went missing after the school timing. According to police, the one who took the dead body in Parachinar for post mortem said that the girl was raped before being brutally murdered.

sexual assault

System has failed

The system has failed to protect children against sexual abuse. However, one after the other, minor girls and boys are kidnapped, sexually assaulted, killed, and thrown away – while we continue to be desensitized to the tragedies.

Sadly, even if the culprit is caught, they do not receive the punishment they deserve. The criminals how their privilege, that even if they are caught, they will get away with it.

A few days back, an 11-year-old girl from Sukkur was raped in a mosque by her Quran teacher. Rather than getting justice, she had to face the horror of Karo Kari and her family was threatened and beaten up.

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  • Only Solution…. Implement Sharia Law. The Culprits should be publically stoned to death. But the problem is that when such will be put to punishment, a segment of society will start defending these animals…

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