Internal Rift? Report claims Shehbaz Sharif is losing control over PML-N to Maryam Nawaz

'Maryam does not discuss the party’s important issues with Shehbaz because both stand poles apart on the issue.'

  • The PML-N Vice President, Maryam Nawaz, has been gaining control over the party.
  • An unnamed N-League leader has revealed that Maryam avoids discussing major party strategies with the PML-N President Shahbaz Sharif.

Maryam Nawaz
Shahbaz Sharif loosing grip over the PML-N.

Maryam Nawaz has been practically steering the PML-N in the absence of party president Shehbaz Sharif, who is not even consulted on important political decisions.

Sources have revealed that the Vice President of the PML-N, Maryam Nawaz, has gained popularity in the party and the public due to her aggressive stance. Her control over the party has strengthened to the extent that she stopped “consulting Shehbaz for political advice.”

Quoting an unnamed N-League leader, a news report stated that Maryam does not discuss the “party’s confrontational approach towards the establishment” with Shehbaz because both stand poles apart on the issue.


Shehbaz Sharif has been facing imprisonment on graft charges and is not happy with this new approach. He still insists on a “national dialogue to steer the country out of the present crisis.”

The report quotes an aide of Shehbaz as saying, “The party president has been anxious that the outcome of the confrontational strategy could be ugly and might benefit someone else”. Shahbaz also relayed his reservations to the senior leadership of the party in a meeting.

Besides, the opposition leader “firmly believes that PM Imran Khan has been targeting him because he is the only acceptable alternative to the establishment.”

“And if there is a process of forming a national government or any future national dialogue, Shahbaz will be a key player,” the report added.

However, the party president, due to his non-confrontational approach, is losing his grip on the party. At the same time, Maryam has proved herself as the future leader of the PML-N.

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  • Both have no future if there is a clean system and pti manages to steer the country to economic stability as both are corrupt and have no vision for the countrr

  • منیرا کنجر رحیم یار خانی بروتھل والا اسکا ریٹائرڈ بہنوئی اور بروتھل میں پارٹنر ، اور پمپ اور قطری سپلائیر ڈبل شفٹیا صفدر کنجر اور پرویز جھوٹ شدید مرتد گشتی فراری کے ساتھ مل کر پارٹی چلا رہے ہیں انہوں نے شہباز شریف بٹ حمزہ شہباز وغیرہ کے ساتھ کسی کتے والے کر کے ان کو کھڈے لائن لگا کر پارٹی پر قبضہ کر لیا ہے

  • اس حرامی خاندان سے پاکستان کو نجات ملنی چاہیے ھے ان حرام خوروں نے اتنا مال بنا لیا ھے کہ ان کی سات پوشتے بیٹھ کر کھا سکتی ہیں ہٹواریوں کو اب مزید ان حرام خوروں کی سے باہر آنا ہوگا۔غلامی

    • ہٹواریوں کو ان حرام خور خاندانوں کی غلامی سے نکالنا ہوگا

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