Sheheryar Munawar reveals how Priyanka Chopra’s mother had a fan moment with him

The famous Pakistani actor, Sheheryar Munawar, has revealed that the Bollywood actress Priyanka Chopra’s mother was a fan of his acting in the drama Kahi Unkahi.

In a recent interview with Something Haute, Munawar recalled his time as an assistant director during an advertisement campaign for QMobile in 2015. He spoke about an incident with Priyanka Chopra where he was blowing out her hair for the shoot.

“I instantly died realizing she knew my name,” he laughed, adding that he lay down with his hand on his heart. “She then said, ‘My mother is a fan of you,’ and I was like, huh? She said, yeah, she is in the vanity. Would you join me there for a bit? She wants a picture with you.”

He went on to add how at the time, his play Kahi Unkahi was airing on Zee Zindagi, and Chopra’s mother found him cute as a child.

“I was so surprised when it was happening, but Priyanka was so sweet about it. She said Sheheryar, of course, I know you, my mother is a fan, come with me to the vanity,” he said, revealing there was strict protocol at the set and to cross the boundary to make it to an actor’s vanity was rare.

Shehryar concluded, “However, they were both so sweet, we clicked a few pictures, and there was that.”

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