“Koi dinner nahi tha,” Yasir Hussain puts Sheheryar Munawar’s claims of dining with Deepika to rest

It is pertinent to mention that Sheheryar and Deepika's picture went viral in November 2021.

Wajahat Rauf recently invited actor Yasir Hussain on his chat show. During the candid conversations, the host asked the actor about Sheheryar Munawar’s viral picture with Bollywood diva Deepika Padukone in Dubai.

Yasir was quick to respond to the photo and said:

Koi dinner nahi tha wo, koi hangout nahi, bus 2-4 larkon ne sofa pe beth ke fan ki tarhan tasveer khinchwayi. (It wasn’t a hangout; they didn’t hang out with her. Just 2-3 boys sat on the sofa and had a fan moment with her.

Watch the full episode here:

Sheheryar Munawar’s Viral Picture with Deepika Padukone

It is pertinent to mention that Sheheryar and Deepika’s picture went viral in November 2021. In the photo, it seems that actor Sheheryar Munawar and Bollywood star Deepika Padukone are dining out in Dubai. However, the photo didn’t stay on the internet for too long. Sheheryar requested all primary social media blogging pages to take down the picture. 

In an interview with a digital magazine, Sheheryar explained why he got the picture removed and said:

You must have seen it for only 20 minutes. I got it removed as soon as I could. Obviously, I could not reach all the media outlets but thank you to all the journalists and my PR team for helping me get it removed. Although I met Deepika Padukone over dinner, I did not want the picture to go viral since it was a casual meeting, and we interacted on a human level.

When the host pushed the actor for further details about the dinner in Dubai, the actor said:

Nothing actually. It was a casual interaction; it was human interaction. We were together at a dinner for 2-3 hours, and I had only talked to her on a human level. I did not want it to leak in the form of a picture. However, the picture went viral, and I had to take action.

While Sheheryar claims that he dined with the Bollywood actress, Yasir Hussain alleges no dining was involved. There’s no proof determining which one of the actors is speaking the truth. However, this sets in more scandal for the two Pakistani actors.

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