[VIDEO] Shehla Raza recalls the painful death of her children and the hurtful comments she receives

The extent people would go to is saddening.

Accidents come unannounced and they can change your life forever in a fraction of second. Shehla Raza, a Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) politician, firsthand witnessed that when she lost her children in a car accident.

She spoke about the painful incident on Reema Khan’s Show Baraan e Rehmat.

Shehla shared that she had a 13-year-old daughter and an 11-year-old son. They were going somewhere on the third day of Eid when it happened.

There was an open drain in front of Shehla’s house whose fangs were broken. As soon as they crossed it, their car fell into the drain. She lost both of her children in that accident.

Shehla Raza expressed, “I have to bear this my whole life. Both of my children passed away. It was the third day of Eid and still on every Eid, I miss them.”

“It is Allah’s blessing that even after this incident, He blessed my heart with courage,” Shehla Raza added.

Bullying and blame

Shehla further talked about how people blame her and bully her for the death of her kids. If Shehla Raza tweets anything, people mock her and some even dare to exclaim that she killed her children. She constantly comes across dialogues like; ‘you have eaten your kids, now at least help the poor children of Thar.’

The extent people would go to is saddening. Some even made fake accounts on social media and trolled her.

Shehla stated that she has become strong enough to ignore it, but also called out the morality of the people doing this, asking, “What kind of people are they?”

Watch the heartbreaking interview of Shehla Raza on Reema Khan’s Show:

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  • My heart goes out to her but it also goes out to the children that died in Thar because the govt she is part of, has stolen billions from them. Shehla- look deep inside your heart and ask yourself if the billions stolen are worth losing your imaan over- its never too late.

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