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Whether long, stubborn tenures of dictatorship or struggling eras of democracy, one figure has always stood solid and firm, titled “Farzand e Pindi “–  Sheikh Rasheed Ahmad is a seasoned politician who has survived the ebb and flows of time and tides and is still going strong.

He has an enormous public following and appreciation due to his blunt opinions and truthful words.
Mr. Rasheed undeniably is one of the most cherished political figures.

He got his early education from Gordon College and then the University Of Punjab.
Sheikh Rasheed began his political career as a youth activist and served in prominent positions in Federal Cabinet. He later formed his own political party, i.e., Awami Muslim League.

An Active Political Worker Since Young Age:

Sheikh Rasheed participated in political activities since his student years. He is well-known for his struggle and efforts against the Military regime of Ayub Khan.

Sheikh Rasheed played a role as significant assistance to Gen Musharraf. This impression built due to his verbal support of Lal Masjid siege and action against militants of FATA.

Sheikh Rasheed, in 2013 elections formed an alliance with Imran Khan. The purpose was to provide each other assistance during elections in their respective constituencies without any merger between parties.

Sheikh Rasheed is well known for his witty remarks and comments.The public enjoys his blunt opinions and journalists appreciate them for always bagging high ratings in talk shows.

An Exclusive Talk With

In current circumstances where Panama is the hot talk of the town, decided to interview Sheikh Rasheed.
We believed that no one can provide a better outlook on the situation and standpoint of the case than him.

We asked our followers about what they want to ask him, and the response was overwhelming. As expected, our discussion forum flooded with questions.
We sketched out our interview accordingly, by selecting only a few top ranking ones.

Views On The New COAS

Sheikh Rasheed expressed and elaborated his opinions about the establishment and the new COAS (Gen. Qamar Bajwa). He was also asked for his opinion on Panama case as well as the outcomes in contrast to Dawn Leaks.

Throughout his talk with, he showed strong confidence that the victory in Panama case will be theirs.


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